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Dr. Deborah A Greco - I am now a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I am a qualified doctor and now working as a nutritionist/health coach in Connecticut, USA. Many of my patients have MS and I also help treat other conditions using food and lifestyle. I look at the bio-individuality of each patient. I have had MS for 17 years but I am mostly symptom-free. I believe it is a result of following the advice according to Dr. Swank's MS Diet and Principles. I am now divorced with a fifteen year-old son. Here is my treatment in detail:

"I have learned to control my MS in such a way that my life is liveable. From the beginning, I knew I did not want to go the steroid route or take beta interferon. From my knowledge of the side-effects they were not going to give me a good quality of life in the long run.

Mainly, I use nutrition, supplements and have given up allergy foods. I also do yoga and t'ai chi, and when needed, acupuncture and homeopathy. I also try and avoid stress and keep toxic people and situations out of my life.

I have also personally benefited from the histamine drops and caffeine cream, which I put on twice a day.

Also, I have learned how to manage MS in practical ways in every area of life - for example, someone else cleans the house and at airports I use all their handicapped facilities.

My path to wellness began with reading Judy Graham's book 'MS - A Self-Help Guide To Its Management' (Thorsons). Through that, I found out about Dr Roy Swank, whose diet for MS slows disease progression. From the very beginning I have been following the Swank Diet. At my most recent MRI I was pleased to find that my lesions are decreasing in size.

Right Diet - I believe the best way to treat any illness is with the right foods. No one ever got sick if they ate whole foods and eliminated foods to which they are sensitive or blatantly allergic. Nutrition is a key factor in disease prevention and one of the best healing strategies to minimize and/or eliminate the effects of this disease. An understanding of nutrition is essential in your fight against MS.

Give up allergy foods - At my practice, every single patient with MS has food allergies and I always test for these. Mostly it's yeast, dairy products and grains. Also, foods which they like to eat a lot of. Personally, I cannot eat chocolate, oats, or dairy. Nor do I touch alcohol. If I break the diet I immediately get symptoms.

What I do in my practice - The main things are food allergy testing, the Swank Diet, and supplements.

Food allergy testing - I use a system of testing known as CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis - a type of energy testing) as well as AK (Applied Kineseology - muscle testing to detect food sensitivities). With every new patient, I do a complete history evaluation and CRA testing. I also do hair analysis. This tests for nutrient status and environmental toxins.

When needed I also do urine and stool analysis which detects amino acid and other deficiencies. Through this testing, I sometimes find energy weaknesses in the bowel area, such as the yeast over growth Candida. They also may have thyroid imbalances which sometimes don't show up on blood tests.

Swank Diet - I recommend that everyone with MS read The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book by Dr. Roy L. Swank. I tailor this diet to each individual, according to their particular food allergies."

Supplements - Below is a list of Supplements I take and prescribe for MS (listed in order of importance)

Pure Evening Primrose Oil- 500mg - 8 softgels/day, Membrane Complex- 3 capsules/day, Vitamin C- 3 tablets/day, OPCs (oligoproanthocyanidins) - 50mg - 3-4/day (powerful antioxidants), Vitamin E (alpha D-tocopherols)- 800mg/day, Biomins by Thorne research or a comparable professional brand- 2 capsules/day at bedtime (Minerals), Multi-Vitamin- Solgar Nutrizyme 4-6/day, Vitamin B-Complex- 1/day in order to get all B vitamins as compliment to others listed, Vitamin B12 either injection or sublingual- 2/day, Folic Acid- minimum 800mcg, P5P= Pyridoxal -5-Phosphate (Vitamin B6) 2capsules/day, Seacure or any digestive enzyme to bring normal gut flora to peak health, Cod Liver Oil- 2 tablespoons liquid or 12 softgels, Niacinamide 500mg/day (Vitamin B3), Co-Enzyme Q10-100-300mg/day (for energy), ENADA= NADH (dinucleotide adenosine + hydrogen) 2.5mg-20mg (A great energy booster and fatigue reliever), Zinc if needed.

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