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About Greco Holistic Health & Wellness

I was born and raised in the New York area. I wanted to be a doctor since I was very young and felt that this was my destiny. Making the choice of studying in the Caribbean represented an exciting yet unusual approach to studying medicine. This island experience in a third world country was an experience that awakened my understanding of culture, environment, lifestyle, and their influences on medical approaches, health, and healing. I learned that lifestyle, weather conditions, food, and natural treatments had profound impact on health and successful medical treatment.

Formal internships during hospital clinical rotations in England introduced me to both conventional and unconventional methods of medical treatment. I worked through rigorous studies of patient case histories, physical examinations, test verifications and prognosis, formal medical treatments, and regimes of healing strategies to develop a strong personal understanding of the causes of illness and strategies to achieve wellness. I keenly observed and respected that everyone has his or her own version of illness and that the patient is one of your best resources to develop a successful healing plan.

After I resumed living in the United States after medical school, I worked in various traditional medical positions. I worked as a trainer of laser surgery techniques, a medical professor in teaching positions at the university level, and a research assistant in pathology. My research in the area of infertility and immune response during pregnancy sharpened my understanding of conventional medical approaches, success in treatments, and their limitations to these challenges. This work experience in the medical field provided a broad view of the industry and the stresses inherent in and business aspects of the conventional medical field. Most importantly, this experience raised my concerns that a full range of other healing strategies were not being addressed in the traditional medical community. I chose to pursue and explore new ways for developing healing strategies.

Reality of Living with MS

I have MS and I live with this reality every day. But, I did make a choice of how MS will influence my life. I chose to fight the disease with both conventional and non-traditional approaches. Personally, I found that a key strategy in my success fighting the disease was in developing a spiritual relationship with God. Right now, through my belief in God and use of nutritional strategies I have managed to minimize MS's impact on my life and optimize my health so as to postpone the more devastating aspects of the disease. I have developed a less stressful lifestyle and changed my approach to work.

While teaching along with others at Columbia University, New York, NY and getting ready to take my medical boards I had my first exacerbation. This exacerbation was later diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Faced with this reality, I made the choice of not letting the disease rule my life by seeking to find a new way to fight MS for as long as possible.

Yes, I did mourn my "old" life. At one point I was depressed and uncertain as to where my future would go. I did not discuss it with anyone. I quickly found that there is such a lack of understanding and knowledge about this illness. The few friends and family members that I did discuss it with had mixed reactions. Some did not even talk to me again! Others choose to ignore it as if nothing happened. And true friends helped me to deal with the reality of MS and even learned about the disease. Most of the time, I told no one.

I researched everything I could get my hands on! With my medical training, I was able to develop a very deep understanding of the disease, including known and unknown issues related to its potential causes, factors and treatments. My personal connections with the European medical community kept me informed of the latest treatment protocols. These connections have been vital for me to assess my situation and determine the best course of my treatment. I identified my best options to fight the disease and my life was re-shaped into the direction of finding survival and health.

Shaping a New Life with MS

With the knowledge of having to live with MS, it became obvious that my daily life had to change. Beyond conventional medical advice, I have developed a healing strategy for myself to beat MS. As the patient, I am the best resource for clues to deal with the disease. Combined with my medical education, I have a unique perspective and resources to develop a healing plan that will work!

I developed a "personal treatment protocol" of nutrition, vitamins and supplements, homeopathy, exercise, and acupuncture. I have experienced very successful results with my approach:

Over the last 6 years, I have managed to postpone and minimize the expected MS

My overall health and outlook has dramatically improved

My prognosis is significantly enhanced by this delay of impending MS symptoms

With this improved outlook, I chose to have a child. Although pregnancy and childbirth are not recommended for MS patients, I felt that my improved health and controlled status of my disease would minimize the stressful effects of having a child. As a high risk pregnancy, my doctors and I carefully monitored my progress. As a result, I have been blessed with a son.

Living with MS is a reality that I needed to accept. By using my experience and resources, I have successfully re-shaped my life to be as healthy as possible and to postpone the symptoms of the disease. My nutritional and vitamin protocols are key factors in this success. Combined with stress reduction and spirituality, I strongly believe that this approach is one of the best ways to fight MS.

Hope for You

Nutrition is a key factor in disease prevention. And, nutrition is one of the best healing strategies to minimize and/or eliminate the effects of disease. Your understanding of nutrition is essential in your fight against MS or in combating any health issue.

With knowledge of nutrition, you can increase the odds in fighting a disease such as MS. Further, good nutrition will enable you to lead a more productive life and prevent the occurrence of health issues.

For the MS patient, there is hope. Good nutrition and treatment protocols will improve your fight against this cruel disease. The purpose of this Website is to provide you with education and resources to learn about MS and how nutrition can play a key role in fighting its effects.


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